Why quickSol 

As part of Quicksol's service of producing financial statements for corporations, we also prepare corporate tax returns. 

Besides, we won't stop, until your work is done! 

Our Expertise

We have a depth of experience and access to some of the best tax specialists in Canada. 

Any Corporate Tax

We can handle all of your corporations tax needs. At Quicksol, you take the credit, we process the debit!

Our Corporate Tax Services

Support in Disputes with CCRA

Whether you are being audited for taxes, payroll, GST, PST or have been reassessed or unhappy with a decision of the various tax authorities,

we are here to help. 

T4, T5 Slips

We produce annual employment (T4) and other income (T5) slips according to your company's needs . 

We ensure that the returns made to government are accurate and we also look at basic tax planning issues. 

We can prepare Records of Employment (ROE) forms for departing staff as well.


We provide this service as part of our payroll services. But for those clients who do their own payroll, and don't want to handle producing the slips. 

We are here to help! 


Sales Taxes (GST, PST WSIB) 

We have a service for you, that will calculate your GST and PST, and can prepare the returns for you. 

If you have questions regarding GST or PST,

Contact us

Tax Planning

We can work with you, your business and your family to plan how to best organize your finances to minimize taxes paid! 

This can include planning for retirement, business succession, sale of a business, or set up of a business. 


We have an experienced group of professionals that can handle tax planning issues and have a network of associates in law and accounting that assist us in most difficult situations. 

We are here to assist you with meeting your requirements for filing US tax returns, through working with other US tax specialists. 

If you find that you have forgotten to report some tax issue, we can assist you with voluntarily admitting this to the tax departments.  

We have access to a broad range of other tax specialists including legal support.

Contact us now! 

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