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 “Mobile is the enabling centerpiece of digital convergence. Mobile is the glue for all other digital industries to use when approaching convergence, but mobile is also the digital gateway for the real world to join in this global metamorphosis of human behavior.” 

Daniel Bæk, Co-founder of Nodes

Our App Features

Unique Design 

Great UI (User Interface)

Security matters

Compliant with GDPR standards

We Focus on business-driven solutions

Apps compatible with most of devices

We make beautiful Apps

We Craft Super Mobile Apps

We build apps for both Android and iPhone. The experience is seamless on both platforms


Our clients have seen the opportunity where one needs to see a doctor but either doesn’t have the time or location or appointment. They have found telemedicine as a business model. We have built apps where along with the business functionality of appointment setting, online prescription, upload of reports and online diagnosis; we have also integrated video solutions where a doctor and a patient can come on video at the same time without needing to step outside.Telemedicine apps make it possible for an individual to receive remote health care services from a doctor with ease and convenience. We have the experience and knowledge of the laws and certifications of the land and the licensing policy.

Real Estate - alminha.com

Generally, people rent, buy, and sell houses the same today as they did 100 years ago. The real estate industry is huge, and buying or selling a property is likely the biggest transaction people make in their lifetime.As consumer wants to save money while buying their new home, various business models have come up in recent years. Apart from the traditional brokerage model, there are three new real estate models that are gaining market traction: fixed-fee model, for-sale-by-owner services (FOSBO), and disruptive tactics.One can infer from this, that a good Real Estate App Development Company is more than just fancy technology; it’s about helping our client design a great product-market fit, powered by a mix of user experience and business models that make property apps stand out in the market.


With a pandemic situation, the importance of education apps has become glaringly evident. Schools, colleges and universities all around the world have implemented eLearning. People who are working also find it convenient to learn at their own pace.Mobile devices like phones and tablets have added to the convenience of learning anywhere and at any time. You can see many executives, use the time while travelling either on a train or a bus to learn.We understand that while the framework for building the eLearning app is important, but the most important aspect of an education app is to build ‘SCORM Compliant Learning Management System’. While there are many content providers all across the world if the content produced by them is SCORM 1.2 compliant, then education apps can consume and display this content.

Retina Ready

Order works on devices support-ing Retina Display. Feel the clarity in each pixel.

Clear Grid

Components and blocks are fixed to the common and popular 12 Grid system.

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